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Names Suggested by the Public for use on Bank of England Banknotes

By Bank of England    |   Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The list comprises names of individuals suggested by members of the public for use on Bank of England banknotes. The Bank reserves the right not to include suggested names, entirely at its discretion. In particular, it would not include fictional names, names which are not reasonably well known, and names which the Bank considers might cause public offence. Inclusion on the list does not imply any endorsement by the Bank.

Character used on Bank of England banknote

Subject Birth Death Profession/Background
Roger Bacon12201292Philosophy
Geoffrey Chaucer13401400Writer
Thomas Tallis15051585Composer
Francis Drake15401596Explorer / Naval Commander
William Shakespeare15641616Poet / Playwright
Inigo Jones15731652Architect
William Harvey15781657Physician
John Milton16081674Poet
Robert Boyle16271691Chemistry
John Bunyan16281688Author
Sir John Houblon16321712Bank's first Governor
Sir Christopher Wren16321723Architect
Samuel Pepys16331703Diarist/Naval Administrator
Robert Hooke16351703Surveyor-Physicist
Sir Isaac Newton16431727Scientist
Henry Purcell16591695Music
Thomas Newcomen16631729Engineer - Steam Engine
Abraham Darby16781717Engineer-Iron
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu16891762Feminist Author
John Capability Brown17161783Landscape Architect
James Brindley17161772Canal Builder
Thomas Chippendale17181779Furniture Design
James Hargreaves17201778Inventor/Engineer
Adam Smith17231790Economist
Sir Joshua Reynolds17231792Painter (RA Founder)
John Smeaton17241792Engineer (Lighthouse)
Thomas Gainsborough17271788Painter
James Cook17281779Explorer
Robert Adam17281792Architect
Mathew Boulton17281809Engineer
Josiah Wedgwood17301795Industrialist
Henry Cavendish17311810Scientist
Sir Richard Arkwright17321792Inventor/Engineer
James Watt17361819Engineer
Joseph Banks17431820Botanist
Olaudah Equiano17451797Writer, Former Slave,


Edward Jenner17491823Doctor
Humphry Repton17521818Landscape Designer
Sir John Soane17531837Architect
Thomas Bewick17531828Wood Engraver
Thomas Coke17541842Agricultural Improvement
Thomas Telford17571834Civil Engineer
Lord Townsend17571833MP
William Blake17571827Poet
Admiral Lord Nelson17581805Naval Commander
Robert Burns17591796Poet and Lyricist
William Wilberforce17591833Social Reformer
John Rennie17611821Scottish Civil Engineer who designed many bridges,

Canals and Docks

1st Duke of Wellington17691852General / Statesman
William Wordsworth17701850Poet
Richard Trevithick17711833Steam Locomotive
David Ricardo17721823Economist
George Caley17731857Aeronautics
Jane Austen17751817Novelist
Joseph William Turner17751851Painter
John Constable17761837Painter
Sir Humphrey Davy17781829Chemist
Mary Fairfax Greig Somerville17801872Mathematician
Elizabeth Fry17801845Social reformer
George Stephenson17811848Engineer
Sir Robert Peel17881850Prime Minister
Lord Byron17881824Poet
Charles Babbage17911871Mathematician
Michael Faraday17911867Chemist
John Keats17951821Poet
George Peabody17951869Philanthropist
W H Fox Talbot18001877Photographer
Lord Shaftesbury18011885Politician
Joseph Paxton18031865Architect
Joseph Whitworth18031887Engineer
Mary Grant Seacole18051881Nurse
I K Brunel18061859Engineer
Elizabeth Browning18061861Poet
John Stuart Mill18061873Philosopher
Ira Aldridge18071867Shakespearean Actor
William Penney18081892Explorer
Charles Darwin18091882Naturalist
Alfred Lord Tennyson18091892Poet
Sir Gilbert Scott18111878Architect
Harry Clasper18121870Professional Rower and Boat


Charles Dickens18121870Writer
Augustus Welby

Northmore Pugin

18121852Architect / Designer
Sir Henry Bessemer18131898Engineer
Sir (Isaac) James Pitman18131897Educator Publisher
Grace Darling18151842Lifeboats
Florence Nightingale18201910Nursing
Dadabhai Naoroji18251917MP
Lord Lister18271912Medicine
General William Booth18291912Social Reformer
James Clerk Maxwell18311879Mathematician
William Morris18341896Artist
Sir John Lubbock, the

First Lord Avebury

18341913Scientist, Politician, Author

and Banker

Henry Maudsley18351918Psychiatrist
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson18361917Medicine
Isabella Mary Beeton18361865Domestic Science
Octavia Hill18381912Social Reformer
Thomas Hardy18401928Writer
Dr Thomas Barnardo18451905Childcare Reformer
Charles Parsons18541931Steam Turbine
Sir Edward Elgar18571934Music
Robert Baden-Powell18571941Scouting
Dame Emily Penrose18581942Education
Emmeline Pankhurst18581928Suffragette
Dame Ethel Smyth18581944Composer
Margaret McMillan18601931Education
Frederick Henry Royce18631933Engineer
Rudyard Kipling18651936Writer
Edith Cavell18651915Nurse
(Helen) Beatrix Potter18661943Author
Herbert George Wells18661946Writer
Captain Robert Falcon


18681912British Royal Navy Officer

and Antarctic Explorer

Ralph Vaughan


Bertrand Russell18721970Philosopher
Sir Winston Churchill18741965Statesman
Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor18791964First Woman MP
Marie Stopes18801958Scientist
Sir Alexander Fleming18811955Medicine
John Maynard Keynes18831946Economist
Sir Barnes Wallis18871979Scientist
Sir Robert Watson-Watt18921973Physicist
Reginald Mitchell18951937Aeronautical Engineer
Sir John Cockcroft18971967Scientist
Earl Mountbatten of Burma19001979British Admiral of the Fleet/Last Viceroy of India
Queen Mother19002002Member of the Royal Family
Lord Maybray King19011986MP/Former Speaker of the

House of Commons

George Orwell19031950Author
Sir Frank Whittle19071996Engineer
Alan Turing19121954Mathematician/Cryptographer
Benjamin Britten19131976Composer
Rosalind Franklin19201958Scientist
HRH The Prince Philip,

Duke of Edinburgh

1921Member of the Royal Family
Sir Jimmy Savile OBE1926Television Presenter
Sir Jonathan Miller1934Neurologist/Theatre


Michael Parkinson1935Television Presenter
Terry Wogan1938Radio/Television broadcaster
John Cleese1939Comedian/Actor
Richard Dawkins1941Ethologist/Evolutionary


Stephen Hawking1942Physicist
Mick Jagger1943Musician
Richard Branson1950Entrepreneur
Linda Smith19582006Comedian/President of the

British Humanist Association

The Beatles--Musicians
Princess Diana19611997Member of the Royal Family
Robbie Williams1974Singer/Song-writer
Michael Vaughan1974Cricketer
David Beckham1975Footballer
Jonny Wilkinson1979Rugby player

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